I’m an architectural art photographer. I shoot abstract views of architecture  and paint them somewhat like Piet Mondrian, as well, I photograph art sculptures in the facades of old buildings.


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  1. Anita says:

    Congratulations on your Web site..very nice.
    You have a very stern New York look about you…very Aldo looking with those dark glasses..very artisy..

    I love your vision…you really bring your public into your eyes view. Really a true Artist..

  2. karl says:

    Hi Peter,

    Your web site looks great, well designed and thought out. Have you thought of using Joomla Content Management System to do the same thing: http://www.jooml.com. It is all php based scripting language done on the server side, very easy to take care of as an admin. I am currently doing one on a couple of computers here and it seems to be a viable alternative than programming in html. Since it is very easy to set up for anything you want, including a blog section that you can incorporate.


  3. The photos you see on this web site are but a small sampling of what I have,
    ( except with the ‘Mirrored’, here I’m up-to-date).
    I have many more ‘Painted’ (and some in many color versions).
    TWA: I have over 300 photographs, my collection at the library of Congress is only about 24-26. Color & B/W.
    I have so many other categories in ‘Details’ like: balconies, brackets, bridges, canopy, ceilings, chimneys, clocks, cornice, keystones, lamp/lanterns, facades, dormers, hand railings, door/ways, signs, statues, street-bridges,windows, water towers…etc……… just ask me!

  4. Peter, It is a fabulous website, so easy to manuver. The work is so wonderful. I can tell you have worked hard. Congrats on the Salmagundi Club. I have been in that show and it is very old and prestigious. Keep up the good work. Hope to see you and Elsje soon. Barbara

  5. Hi Peter, I also wanted to add my congratulations to you regarding your website.
    I really like the painted and mirrored sections. Excellent work and I love the graphic nature of your imagery.
    The TWA building reminds me of the famous opera house building in Valencia. The work of many modern architects is remarkable.
    Keep up the good work.

  6. Hi Peter, We were reminiscing good times in NYC. I am so happy we found you on FB, we are both retired and busier than ever. I am very impressed with your work, excellent as ever. My latest craze has been making movies and editing on the computer. I think of all the hard work you did years ago for Bob’s birthday. Now it is so much easier on the computer. I am now doing a series of “rainbow spectrums” found in every day life. Will be having a show Ridgewood in June. My website is not up to date. I have a lot of new work but went through a period of painting the figure, but I do not like to post my nudes on the web. We would love to see you guys, have enjoyed your company in the past so much and sorry we lost contact. Hope you are both well and enjoying life. Sounds like you are. We think of you often.

    Best Regards to Elsa. Love, Di and Bob

  7. Peter, your work is stunning and the site is a delight to navigate through-
    Not sure where we met (PAI? ) but thank you for keeping me on your list – I’ll try to see the show while it’s up this month.
    Margaret McCarthy

  8. Hi Peter,

    My name is Serge Beauchemin (we worked together at Penthouse Studio Montreal in the late 60’s). I Googled you and here I am.
    Superb work, very stylish and refined. Glad to see that you are still active.
    Serge Beauchemin

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